We’re so excited to be working with you on this upcoming photo-shoot, and want to ensure that you have nothing but a wonderful, fun, and pampering experience!

Here are a few details, tips, and preparation tidbits to take note of:

Please be sure to arrive at least 15 minutes in advance of your scheduled time.

This will ensure that we can get you checked in, hand you a refreshment (water, wine and/or champagne), and let you "relax" before either going into make-up or getting ready for your session.

Please wear loose clothing to your photo shoot.

Wearing loose clothing will help prevent panty lines, belt buckle marks, and any unwanted imprints that will show up in the photos. Oh! And don't forget to remove any hair ties/bands you've thrown on your wrist.

Please bring a robe or cover up to wear during your shoot.
I may have you moving between rooms or sets during your session and I want you to be warm and comfortable.

Please bring what you would like to be photographed in – or better yet – email us your ideas

Please make sure you've taken the time to do the following to any outfits you do bring: 

  • Iron your item(s) beforehand to remove wrinkles from your clothing.
  • Cut out any labels/tags from ALL lingerie, panties, and bras. ( this includes the price tags as well )  Speaking of lingerie...If you are looking for some beautiful, sexy lingerie, we recommend  "Romantiques lingerie" located at 51 University Ave, Los Gatos, phone is (408) 395-7749, and if you mention me you will be able to get 15% off or maybe more... please ask.
  • Make sure there are no stains on your clothing or other issues that you would not want captured in your images.
  • If you wear glasses or you want some photos with glasses on – we recommend a pair of glasses with no lenses, as there will be retouching fees to remove glare and reflection caught on the lenses. 


Please take time one week before your session to look at online inspiration to determine what poses you like. Examine the mood, look and feel of the images. Drop and drag into a email your inspirational images that speak to you.  We'll do our best to help you recreate your vision!  


If you or your beloved wants some particular part of you captured, please let us know! Whether it be your legs, breasts, or back – don’t hesitate to ask! Shooting specific "areas" can be a lot of sexy fun!


A particular piece of jewelry? Yours/his favorite pair of stilettos or thigh-high boots? Your engagement ring? A long strand of pearls? His Calvin Klein jockey shorts or Polo shirt? His baseball glove or His College uniform. Bring it on! We're here to get creative with you. Naked with one or more adornments, or your favorite shoes, is usually a huge hit! Just bring in whatever you’d like in your shoot and we’ll find a way to incorporate it into something special, sexy, and fun! 


Bring AT LEAST two pairs of your favorite, sexy, glamorous shoes. Anything from classic black, steel-heeled pumps to hot red stilettos are always a safe bet, all the way to hot pink boots and thigh-high lace ups. Naked or with lingerie, furry winter boots can make a great photo too. Think about your shoes and how to bring out your own personal style. Rounded-toe shoes are good for a "PIN-UP" look and that is it! Thick clunky heels will just make your legs look chunky. And remember we do have shoes of all sizes to borrow.


You have two options with make-up: do your own make-up or have one of our fantastic, on-site make-up artists do it for you. Personally, we find it very hard to put on fake lashes and make them look real! If you choose to have our make-up artist do your makeup, please bring your own foundation color/shade (matte finish recommended.) Bringing your own foundation helps ensure the right shade for your skin tone. Additional tips include:

  • No sparkle lipstick, no sparkle mascara or eye-shadow, no sparkle spray. Sparkles, while glamorous and fun for nights out, produce very strange results with camera lights.
  • No shiny, oil-based lotions, creams, or shiny lip-glosses on the face or lips. Your face and neck need to have a "matte" finish. The reason for this is because light reflects off of "oils" and glosses which can distort your photo or draw attention away from your photos.
  • Under-eye cover-up/cover stick: For those doing your own make-up, watch out for "too white" under the eyes, or "too green." That green stuff hides dark circles well, but shows up easily in the lens. Additional fees are added for retouching if we need to remove and re-blend under-eye green in post-production.  
  • Color photography is about the enhancement and highlighting of your features. Make-up that is too heavy or harsh can actually take away from your beauty, rather than enhance it. Face make-up should be moderate, natural, and not "cakey" looking. It is recommended to not wear blue or green eye shadows with blue eyes. Lip liners should be very natural and subtle, and should not be over drawn.
  • The Whites of your Eyes - please use Visine or other "get the red out" eye drops an hour or so before your session begins.  
  • Teeth - There's nothing better than good 'ole all American baking soda to whiten and brighten your teeth. Brush twice a day with baking soda from the time you schedule your foto-session to making it a regular habit.
  • Bring your own make-up bag and favorite make-up so you have it on-hand for your own touch-ups.


  • DO NOT DIET whatsoever before a photo-session. Guess what shows up when dieting faster and harsher than anything? Your face and eyes (and it shows up immediately!) BEAUTIFUL by T and SEXY by T photo-sessions are all about a "healthy and happy" you. A healthy attitude toward your body is sexy. You loving yourself, AS YOU ARE RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW is sexy. This is at the heart of a beautiful you, and beautiful images to follow.
  • Leading up to your photo-session, drink 64 ounces (8 cups) of water everyday prior to your scheduled session.
  • Cut out Cola and ALL carbonated beverages, coffee, and limit hard alcohol (or drop it all together) a week before the session.
  • Get at least eight hours of sleep the night before your session. Several days of regular sleep in advance of your session is highly recommended.
  • Eat regularly (do not skip meals), and healthily before your session day. This includes as many leafy green vegetables as you can muster. Cut out processed sugars and salty foods as much as possible.
  • Top Beauty Secret - Lots of water, sweating and Apple Cider Vinegar: Yup. Two swigs of vinegar a day does wonderful things to help balance the PH of your body. Beauty is all about being healthy starting from the inside!  
  • Tanning - Some of you might prefer to tan prior to the session. If you have wonderful creamy pale skin, leave it! If you are going to tan, DO NOT GET TOO DARK. Over tan skin will age you in the camera. Tans – particularly a fake tan that is often not the correct undertone color for the person's skin – ages the skin. If you do want to tan, we recommend a light professional airbrush tan and here is our favorite place, Airbrushing by Amy . Make sure they know this is for a photography session with Teresa: 15466 Los Gatos Blvd., Suite 207 in Los Gatos: (408) 863-BTAN (2826). Tell them Teresa sent you for a special "TERESA DEAL" for first-timers.
  • Hair - Please show up with dry, slightly dirty hair. If you are doing your own hair, do not put any hair spray on until after you are finished with make-up.
  • Hair Removal - Okay, this is important! Please remove hair in the obvious (as well as not-so-obvious) places. Your personal style belongs to you and we honor that, but here are a few critical areas to handle:
    --Legs, lower and upper
    -- Pubic area: (Trim exactly to your liking, and do not do a bikini wax the morning of as you'll be red and irritated). Remember the front and backsides of your body. And, if you do have a blemish / pimple or bruise in this area, please use cover up to help blend it to your skin tone.
    -- Forearms: please trim if you have very thick forearm hair
    -- Nose hair: Yes, please trim these or pluck them out
    -- Facial hair: Yes girls have facial hair in the form of peach fuzz or more. Please shave/wax this off! Check around your cheeks, in front the ears, corners of the mouth, and mustache area.
    -- Eyebrows: Please wax or pluck one to three days before, not same day as your session.
  • Please have your hands and toes looking manicured. Clear or bright red polish... whatever suits your fancy.  


Let me guide and direct you. Some of the positions I'll get you in might feel really "strange." Just relax and go with it. You'll see what I’m seeing soon enough! You might be a bit "sore" the next day from holding your body in certain angles, but that's the fun of it!


We will set up a private viewing of your photos with you. This is a ton of fun, as we go through your images together and all of the creative ways of developing them into artwork of all kinds.


Expect to be a little nervous, that's part of the fun! And expect even the day or two (or even a week) before the photo-session, feeling totally not ready! If you start hearing doubtful thoughts, just take a deep breath, exhale, and know there's no better time than now! Looking great comes from letting ourselves feel great from within. It's time to learn to embrace exactly where you are today, because that's what beauty is all about. You'll be so glad you did!

If you have further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. We look forward to seeing you soon!
Teresa Nora Trobbe & The Sexy by T Team