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Click Below To See Teresa In Action During A Bridal Boudior Session:

By Teresa
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I use Cucoloris to enhance the drama, draw the eye and expose an emotion in my boudoir photography.  With a little practice and a trained eye, you can go a little cucoloris too.

As a photographer of the female form, I love the way shadow and light add drama to an image.

I often use Cucoloris techniques as a tool to entice and distract the eye and stirring up emotion in my images.  

There are conflicting origin stories about the use of Cucoloris 

The artistic lighting technique was used heavily in black and white films during the 1930's and 40's. There are even references to  Cucoloris being used at the Globe theater in London by Shakespeare himself. Cucoloris techniques have become popular again in many Steven Spielberg films. Think Raiders of the Lost Ark, the villains faces lit by the treasures of the Ark just before they… well, you get the picture.


Here's how I love to use Cucoloris in my work: ​

​In my photography work, I often construct a Cucoloris from wood, screen, lace or even a window shade to create shadows and patterns across my subject. This image was made by cutting shapes into a whiteboard to create the spectral lighting pattern on the Lady in Red.

The pattern of shadow and light is strategically placed to guide the eye and create a feeling of seduction. Notice how the light falls across her voluptuous breast and thigh to draw attention to the sheerness of her red dress, while the light from the camera flash illuminates her face and her tempting look. Stunning and Hot!

Sometimes I'm able to use a natural Cucoloris like:

All Natural Cucoloris


Using natural lighting like these is much more difficult than you might think.

You have no control over where the light falls. I recently tried it with a family portrait I was taking outside. Yes – I take family portraits as well.  It was a disaster. I thought I had skimmed the light from their faces and took the shot. Later, while culling the images, I discovered that I missed one single beam of light. It shined down directly on the Dad's already prominent nose, making it look like a hook.  Photo Shop to the rescue!


Once you start looking for the elusive cuculoris, you'll find them everywhere. 

Try just playing with catching cuculoris with your lens whenever you're out and about. 

When you get used to finding the fine edge where the light and shadow meet you'll be ready to catch images of your own. 


Hope you enjoyed this How to Go Cocoloris Lesson 

Until Next Time


By Teresa
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Do you want to know how to harness the powerful connection between sleep and weight loss? Read on for information, tips and tools to loose while you snooze.

Sleep is my number one, super charging, taking care of myself habit that, to be honest, is just not something I'm willing to do without.

​Especially now that I know how Sleep and Weight Loss are connected.

You and I know that you feel and look better when you’re well rested. What you might not know is that sleep and weight loss are connected. Do you want to know how getting enough sleep impacts your body's ability to loose weight on a chemical and hormonal level?  Strap on your science geek hat and get ready to learn how to get and keep that sexy body and playful perspective through the magic of a good night’s sleep. 


Sleep and Weight Loss:  

There are a number of major studies that show the connection between sleeping and appetite. And much like everything else in your body, both sleep and appetite are controlled by your hormones. Specifically, it’s all about the balance and timing of leptin and ghrelin into your bloodstream .


How Hormones influence sleep and weight loss:

​Ghrelin is the hormone that’s produced in the stomach and released when you are hungry. It increases your appetite and tells your brain you need to eat. Leptin is produced in your fat cells and when released, tells your brain that you’re full. At which point your appetite decreases and your satiation, or fullness increases.

Stanford scientists studied 1000 volunteers to learn how these two hormones work to connect sleep and weight loss.  By comparing the amount of hours volunteers reported sleeping with their ghrelin, leptin, and body fat percentage levels the connection of sleep and weight loss became clear. The data showed that in people that slept less than 8 hours a night, their hormones were unbalanced. In fact, the less than 8 hours a night group had increased levels of ghrelin (which makes you hungry), decreased levels of leptin (which gives the fullness), and higher body fat percentages than the people that slept 8 hours or more. Now you know why they call it beauty sleep.  


Make the sleep and weight loss hormones work for you: 

​So, the next time you can’t fall asleep easily or stay asleep, try these helpful and simple bedtime rituals to get you drowsy and ready to catch some Zzzz’s:

  • Avoid heavy foods before bed.

  • Adopt a regular sleep schedule and stick to it

  • Darken your bedroom as much as possible.

  • Turn off the technology, including your e-reader.

  • Warm milk, chamomile, valerian or kava tea or a simple cup of broth with a teaspoon of coconut oil or ghee

  • A natural sleep supplement like melatonin can help ease you into sleep. 

Nite Nite,



FYI::  If you like the featured image on this post, visit my Nudescapes gallery on the site.

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By Teresa
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Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day - Special Report ...
​Featuring Images 


My good friend and colleague the amazing Dr. Kamakshi Zeidler, for whom I did the BRA Day photos in October, published an article about advances in breast reconstruction surgery in the Huffington Post. And guess who’s images are featured!

Here's an excerpt from the article: 

A recent New York Times article, “’Going Flat’ After Breast Cancer,” highlighted a growing number of women who, after beating the disease, are deciding to opt out of breast reconstructive surgery and remain breast-less after undergoing mastectomies. The nascent movement dubbed going flat “challenges long-held assumptions about femininity and what it means to recover after breast cancer,” according to the Times.

The fact is that the number of reconstruction procedures increased almost 5 percent last year to more than 106,300, and since 2000, the numbers are up a remarkable 35 percent, according to a recent report by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Moreover, the Times piece grossly undersells the benefits of reconstruction and fails to address the incredible advances in surgery and abundance of options that are available to women today.   See the Full Article and Images Here: 


Live Life - Love Your Body - Express Your Wild Feminine Self

Capture it all in Photos


By Sexy By T
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Do you remember a time before digital photography when the pros still shot real film?

I do, because that was when I had my very first boudoir photo session and I’ve been hooked on the experience since then.

It was 1989 and I had just gotten two new special additions, wink-wink, to my super fit physique. I felt sexy in my new body and I loved the way it felt to show it off. My fiancé at the time was pretty excited about the new additions too. I decided that I wanted to capture this feeling with photos; sensual, sexy, playful photos. Back then there wasn’t really a name for this type of photography yet. Now I call it Sensual Photography, aka: Boudoir.

I spent the week before the shoot, prepping, primping, and cutting out the “crap” food”. Which is exactly what you want to do before a photo shoot. When the day came, I was a little nervous but, ready for anything as I stepped into the oldest photo studio in San Francisco, Dore’ Studio.

What I didn’t expect that it would be a Manless studio. Yes! Not a ... man in sight.

Audrey, the owner of Dore’, ran a women’s only studio because she wanted her clients to feel comfortable showing off their naughty sides. Of course, I was surprised to find out there were no men allowed. I came to the shoot resolved to flirt and have fun, no matter who saw me in my frilly panties. Audrey's crew of fun, playful, frisky women made it a lot easier and more fun than I expected. And that was all I needed to get a few really sexy images.  Looking back at them now, they are a bit 'Glamour shot-esque'.  But, it was 1989! Now we call it retro. 

I walked out of that experience with a beautifully bound book of my photos to gift to my man. 

NO, he is not my husband and YES I got the book back. ( note to self - think about who you plan to give these photos to.)

Sexual Confidence is some serious magic...

I’m not ashamed to say, it worked some serious magic. Of course, he was excited and I was hooked on the feeling of sexual confidence that a sensual photoshoot seems to ignite.

Over the years, I’ve done a few more boudoir photo shoots.  However, you never forget your first. Mine and my discovery of digital cameras inspired me to take the leap into my passion for sensual personal photography.

Now I have my own woman friendly studio in a grand Victorian house in San Jose, CA. I've gathered an amazing crew of engaging, artistic, sensually sensitive professionals who are waiting to primp and prep and pump you up for your own sultry money shot.

Check out the Gallery of my work, sign up for your private session and get your sexy on today.

See you soon,

By Sexy By T
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Let me introduce you to one of the key players on my Sensual Journalism team - Christopher Tolentino.


If you've done a photoshoot with me, you've probably had the pleasure of his hands in your hair and make-up brush on your cheek.

The Steampunk genius at Steampunk Beauty Bar and Sexy Fotos by T




Christopher is the creative genius at Steampunk Beauty Bar located on site at our San Jose Studio.  


I thought it would be both helpful and fun to share some Photo Ready Style tips straight from the Steampunk Beauty Bar.


Get ready for your close-up -


Silky Soft Hair in Hot and Steamy Weather




 Are you having a Hot and Steamy Holiday?

Here is San Jose, the winter damp and fog that make the grass green and tall pines grow will Frizz your hair even on a sunny day. Whether you have naturally curly hair like me, or just want to keep up a style you've worked hard on, Laid-Back, by IGK, is my new MUST HAVE product this season.




IGK Laid-back  For Sleek Shiny Hair in Hot and Steamy Situations


  I Love-love-love this product!


It adds frizz control your hair by blocking out humidity while protecting the moister in your hair to keep down static. That mean’s no frizz or fly-aways!

Oh and wait until you smell it!

We have it here in studio -
so stop by to get
Laid-Back with us!


Stay Beautiful!